The Millennial Dream is Alive in Portland

The Millennial Dream is Alive in Portland

You guys didn’t think I would tackle this one without a Portlandia reference, did you? I remember when I first watched Portlandia in 2013. I laughed. Not because I knew Portland well, but because its jokes seamlessly applied to most people from the Pacific Northwest. Don’t get me started about the Aliki Farms chickens.

Anyway, I just wanted to use this post to formally share that I kicked off 2019 by moving to Portland. I got an amazing (no really like, the coolest most dopest ever) opportunity for a job I cannot believe I get paid to do. I’d like to keep my work separate from this space, so that is all I will say about my professional life here!

But, back to Portland. This place is heckin LIT. It feels like how “old” Seattle did in my childhood. Rent is mostly affordable. The city is busy and filled with traffic, but oddly approachable.

In many ways, the infamous quote of Portland being the place where “young people go to retire” rings true: work schedules seem far more relaxed compared to other places I’ve lived. Judging by commuting patterns I’ve witnessed, most people get to work around 9 (maybe) and the entire city seems to shut down anytime there is a bank holiday or if the local school districts have a break. 

The best part, truly, is the food. There is sooooooo much ice cream and even more donuts. TBH donuts and ice cream are my passion so I am very okay with this. The food scene is out of this world and (fair warning) many posts moving forward will likely be about some form of hot carbs enjoyed at a local restaurant or food cart, sorry not sorry.

I could go on and on, but y’all are busy and I am too. But that’s the gist of it: I moved to Portland and it is awesome AF.