Blogger, Interrupted

Blogger, Interrupted

When I cracked my knuckles and put the proverbial ink on the pages of Seattle Socialites, I had big dreams and aspirations. And that turned out to be a pretty big problem.

These dreams had foundations in following paths of those who came before me. You know the type: thin women with perfect beach waves and a sun-kissed tan, traveling to exotic locations with a seemingly never ending stream of motivational quotes.

I eventually came to the realization that, despite this world and its fluidity, I could literally never be a gorgeous white girl with dainty hands and a blog. (Y’ALL WHITE GIRLS GO THOUGH, OKAY? YOU CUTE AND THAT TAN IS POPPIN)

This realization, coupled with a massive life change resulting in a seemingly sudden move to Portland (Oregon, not Maine), catapulted me to cease operations under “Seattle Socialites.”

First and foremost, I cannot be a Seattle Socialite if I am living the Portlandia lifestyle 150 miles down the road. The new name, PNW Socialite, represents who I am on a more permanent level. I was born and raised in Washington state, and I’ll always call the Pacific Northwest home regardless of where life takes me.

I want this space to be authentic. I want to share the highs and lows of being a young woman in this crazy world. I want to embrace challenges; the good, bad and definitely the ugly. Not to say there won’t be pretty images or staged photos – there will be, because it’s fun and I like pretty s***. But I’m going to hold myself accountable to create content based on what I know best: me. Even if that doesn’t look or sound like the traditional blogger.

I’m shedding layers. I’m embracing my skin. I’m loving myself, my mind and my body. And I will do all of these things unapologetically, genuinely and unconditionally.

Thank you for sticking with me through the ups and downs, I’m so excited for what is to come.