Living the No Filter Lifestyle: Hiking Tolmie Peak

Living the No Filter Lifestyle: Hiking Tolmie Peak

On my 21st birthday, my grandmother issued me a warning I’ll never forget: enjoy it now, enjoy it today; because after this everything goes by faster and faster every year. Well, grandma was right. And the summer of 2017 has been no exception. In between minor surgeries (RIP wisdom teeth), Seafair and traveling to Europe, I blinked and summer was nearly over. To make the most of summer before it ended, I embarked with my close friend Taylor (also known as a yogi extraordinaire at Core Power Yoga) to top of Tolmie Peak, where we feasted our eyes on an obstructed, filter-free view of Mt. Rainier on a gorgeous day.

Taylor met me in Tacoma and we made our way to Mt. Rainier National Park through Highway 410, took a right onto Highway 165 in Buckley and continued on the highway until we reached the trailhead. Be warned: a long drive on a very bumpy road awaits you during the last few miles up before reaching the start of the hike!

It took a little under two hours for us to reach the fire lookout and I give full credit to Taylor being an in-shape yogi for it not taking three hours! She even took time to strike a mid-hike pose.

When we reached the top, I was more than happy to open up a nice cold can of La Croix. The fine folks at La Croix were kind enough to recently send me an awesome package filled with the cutest La Croix goodies. It turns out, a La Croix-branded headband, hat, t-shirt, pin and hoodie were everything I never knew I needed.

So, #EnjoyLaCroix, we did. And yes, “La Croix” actually rhymes with “enjoy.” You’re welcome! For our hike we opted to bring some of the Cran-Raspberry flavor, which I swear tastes better at a higher elevation.

With two cans of La Croix down and countless pictures taken, it was time to head back to “real life.” Over the course of an hour and a half, we battled some of the largest and loudest bugs I have ever encountered. While I don’t believe I was stung by anything, by the time I got home, it was very evident that the mosquitos had their way with me despite dousing myself with repellant every 20 minutes.

Even with the minor setbacks, I can’t recommend this hike enough. Like my grandma said, life is short. Skip work, take the hike, embrace the bug bites and most of all, live an unfiltered life every chance you get.


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