Hello, Tacoma

Hello, Tacoma

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’ve been living my best life in Tacoma. It’s a heavy statement, but it’s accurate. Chances are, some of you might be wondering how I ended up here. Well, after initially moving to Tacoma for AmeriCorps after college in 2013, I moved back to the City of Destiny in 2015, after living in Seattle for a year during my stint as Miss Seafair. At first, I was called back by the affordable rent and relative lack of traffic, but it wasn’t long until we realized that Tacoma wasn’t as temporary for us as we thought it would be. Who is “we” or “us,” you might ask? The other members of my tribe are G (spouse and partner in crime) and Red (the best damn dog in the whole world). We live just steps away from the Ruston Way waterfront in the Old Town neighborhood and we’re beyond obsessed (Red included).

Flash forward to February 2017, a little piece of my heart appeared in Tacoma’s Stadium District: Rhein Haus. Now, I am a ~huge~ Rhein Haus fan. My friends and I have frequented this spot since the good ol’ Von Trapp’s days. I can vividly remember when the name change occurred and being pretty upset about it (spoiler alert: I got over it). When Rhein Haus finally opened its doors to Tacoma this winter, we were giddy – like Disneyland-giddy. And it didn’t disappoint. Not even a little bit.

We had the chance to attend a media preview and explore their Bavarian-inspired menu, including the largest pretzel I’ve ever laid eyes on (highlights below!) and needless to say, I can’t wait for all of Tacoma to experience this place! And as it turns out, Tacoma couldn’t wait either. There have been numerous reports online and on social media about long wait times. The good news? Rhein Haus Tacoma is located right across the street from Wright Park, which is Tacoma’s very small, humble version of Volunteer Park. Consider putting your name down and enjoy a walk in the park while you wait!

Click here to learn more about Rhein Haus Tacoma.


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